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ANNAI ULLAM - Old Age Home

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Who we are?

ANNAI ULLAM old age home is a registered Non Government Organisation which takes care of destitute elders.

  • In our Old age home we take care of nearly 25 senior citizens aged over 60-90+ years.
  • Each one of them has different background and a past which let them with no one to spend the rest of their lives with.
  • They now have a family at Annai Ullam and a place to call home to spend the rest of their life peacefully.
  • We are proud to support our elders with love and affection & be able to provide them healthy food, medical care & other basic amenities

Support Us

When we started to serve.

This old age home was started in 2013 by A.S. Munavar Basha and his wife Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, to help ease the sufferings of the destitute elders by providing them a home to live, daily food, medical care and other basic amenities.

  • Living a life on the streets, with no food or spare clothes isn’t the life anyone would have imagined but unfortunately some elder people end up there with no choice and We give them a choice.
  • A choice to live in a community where they can forget the past, live in harmony with other like minded people and get out of the tremendous amount of mental stress they have been through.
  • If you know elderly that is in need of a home, please contact us.

Become a Volunteer

If you are interested to serve our elderly in any way, we request you to join with us by sponsoring a day meal or medical care or any other basic amenities. Volunteers are most welcome to serve with us.