A.S Munavar Basha

A. S. Munavar Basha is the founder and president of Annai Ullam, an old age home in Kodambakkam. He is also a General Secretary of Tamil Maanila Congress. He did his schooling at the Santhome Higher Secondary School, Mylapore, and graduated from The New College, Chennai. Munavar Basha was the student union leader in New College. Munavar Basha is an orator, writer and a social worker.

Why did you start the old age home?
My wife & I are from different religions and did not get our parent’s support after marriage. We didn’t get a chance to live with our parents and seeing a lot of destitute elders reminded us of our parents and serving them gives us a satisfaction of serving our parents.

What is your vision for annai ullam?
We started annai ullam in 2013 with a vision to serve destitute elders. At that time, we rented a place and in the first floor we also started a ladies hostel with a view that the income from hostel will help pay for the expenses for old age home. We are doing good with people support. We get a lot of visitors who sponsor food for elders on their birthdays and wedding anniversary. A lot of people also sponsor food in memory of their late family members. We are doing good but the running expense of the home reaches around 2 lakh rupees every month due to high month rent and other expenses. our vision is to build a permanent home with people’s support to accommodate at least 100 destitute elders, 100 destitute children, provide education and medical care.

How can we get involved?
People can get involved in many ways.
1. You can sponsor a meal to the elders for a day/week
2. Doctors can visit our home and do a medical check-ups
3. You can organise an event to help with mental wellbeing of the elders. Such as organising yoga sessions, breathing exercise, meditation, spiritual sessions
4. You can help us in fundraising for our vision to build a new home for destitute elders.

Please reach out to us to discuss how you want to get involved. If you have any new ideas we are happy to discuss your ideas and take it forward.

Team Information

 Age number: 66
 Phone: +91-9841769902
 Email: Munavarbasha1954@gmail.com